Avoiding Extinction

@ R. David Marks

Does Life Imitate Art? Or, Does Art Imitate Life?
Did you know:        
  • One elephant dies every 10 - 15 minutes
  • 96 - 100 elephants die per day   
  • In the past two years we've lost over 100,000
  • Extinction, at this rate is less then six to eight years.
Stop Human Vanity & Greed
and We Can Stop the Killing!
Photo Credi c. 2010:
Cyril Christo & Marie Wilkinson 
       Poignant - Children "get it"!

An African Census was just completed and it concluded that only 357,000 Africa Elephants remain in the wild. At the rate these elephants are being slaughtered, every day, it was thought that at the rate of one every 10  15 minutes we had ten years to fight for their survival. Today, it is feared they have less then six to eight years before they become extinct. 


The questions are:


1. What impact will there be on humanity if they go extinct?


2. Which animal will be next?


3. Do we really want to live in a world without these iconic, keystone species? 


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Saving Elephants with Bees...
Saving Elephants with Bees...