It's GREAT to post and SHARE information - BUT, it's also IMPORTANT to show up and make some noise so that the LOVE of ELEPHANTS is heard by those that make the decisions about hunting, enforces the laws, etc. Here's you chance to be HEARD!


Bring your LUNCH, Lawn Chair, and VOICE!~ Let's make so much noise the elephants in Africa hear us! 


Most importantly, the California Fish and Wildlife Service will be on hand for you to SURRENDER your IVORY! Can't sell it! Can't transport it... It's the the First Anniversary of the implementation of AB96. Show you HONOR Elephants by SURRENDERING what belongs to them... Show your support to END the IVORY trade.


See you on Saturday, August 12, 10am at the State Capital, North Side... Let's MAKE SOME NOISE!

A Day to Wear Grey
International Elephants Day